Flying flags flaunt favourites

Hooray, team spirit!

World Cup mania is here. And, it’s been here for some time. But, I’m noticing it now more than ever because every other car I pass on the street these days has a flag attached to a window. And, sometimes, two or three flags attached to two or three windows.

Because you can never be too supportive of your favourite team.

People in Canada are rabid crazy for World Cup soccer. I would say “some people” in Canada, but I prefer to over-generalize because Husband says over-generalizations and stereotypes exist because they are true. And, therefore, we should use them more often.

So, yeah. There are loads of flags flying. For those of you stateside, who grew up not giving a hill of beans about soccer, imagine the loyalties to be similar to Ohio State football fans and their paraphernalia. Only, take all that paraphernalia and attach it to your car. Now you get the picture.

Yesterday, Portugal defeated North Korea, 7-0. How did I know Portugal had won without hearing about it on the radio? Or checking online? Or turning on the TV? I passed a car with a small Portuguese flag attached to a window, and a giant flag sailing out of the sunroof. The giant flag was being held down by the passenger, who frantically waved the flag about when parked at a stoplight to show his Portuguese spirit. Good job, Portugal. And, good job, Portuguese fan, because I’m sure that excessive flag waving was quite the workout.

Don’t have a flag for your car, yet? Or (more likely), lost your flag along the QEW or Gardiner Expressway? No worries. You can find someone selling flags out of his/her vehicle at practically every other intersection. True story. Whatever country you support, its flag is available.

Unless the seller doesn’t like your country’s team. Then, you need to drive on to the next flag sale at the next intersection.

20 more days (including today) until the 2010 FIFA World Cup fades to black.

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2 thoughts on “Flying flags flaunt favourites

  1. Mom says:

    I thought people put flags on their cars so they could find them in the mall parking lots. Also thought husbands did this for their wives “so sweet”. Alas, now I know better.

  2. Lucas says:


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