Where is July going?

July started off with a bang! But, doesn't it always?

It’s July 7, and I haven’t posted one thing this entire month. Yet. Maybe because this month took off with a bang. BANG! BANG! BANG! And, I haven’t had time to catch my breath yet. Or, maybe, I’ve simply had nothing to post about.

I’m going with the former.

First, there was the G20 Summit in Toronto and all the excitement it brought to the city. And, the riveting, edge-of-my-sofa-seat, moment-by-moment coverage by CBC News and 680 News. “The protesters are getting closer to the buildings. The protesters are now on the sidewalks next to the buildings. The protesters look to be reaching for something in their pockets. Possibly something to throw at the buildings? Something to hurl at the windows, to break them? Something to show their displeasure with the police and security guards and G20 leaders? Oh, those are cameras.”

Sure, the summit took place at the very end of June, but its coverage by the news networks continues. As does coverage of the filing of lawsuits by protestors. “Were the police in the wrong? Was too much force used against protestors? Were protestors rights’ violated? Did the police act unlawfully against those who were burning cars, breaking into businesses and causing massive destruction?” And, of course, the unending attempts to answer the most popular question: “On what, exactly, did the city spend the summit’s $1 billion price tag?”
It’s a real conundrum.

Then, we had friends over for dinner. Very fun. Then, there was the giant bake-off leading up to Canada Day and prep work for the barbecue that we had with other friends and their children. The weather was perfect; the company was lovely; the leftovers were plentiful.

Really, stop by, and I’ll share some with you. Buckeye candies, anyone? How about a hotdog bun?

Then, there was the first anniversary of our wedding on July 4. “What?” you ask. “Didn’t you have a wedding anniversary back in April?” Oh, yes, we did. But, July 4 is the day we publically celebrated our marriage and put on a fantastic show wedding. Really. It was fantastic. And, July 4 is the day we’ve chosen to actually commemorate our anniversary, because, let’s face it; having multiple anniversaries is just plain confusing. And, July 4 is pretty hard to forget. July 4 = fireworks and marriage = fireworks, right? Can’t forget that.

We celebrated our anniversary a day early by taking a trip to Stratford, Ontario, which hosts the Stratford Shakespeare Festival. Each year, 10 or so theatrical productions (some Shakespeare-related, some not) are performed throughout the months of summer and early fall. If you ever get the chance to visit, do it! Stratford is such a beautiful town with plenty to see and do. Cute shops. Cute cafés. A cute river to walk along. Cute, cute, cute.

We took in a performance of The Tempest, starring the one-and-only-very-awesome Christopher Plummer. He was fantastic, as was the rest of the cast. But, Christopher Plummer. Come on! You can’t not go see Christopher Plummer in whatever he’s performing in, and the part of Prospero was tailor-made for him.

I feel like singing “The Hills are Alive” just thinking about him.

Following the performance, we had dinner at Langdon Hall, where we were married. Also, a wonderful place with wonderful grounds, a wonderful ambiance and wonderful food.

There was a lot of wonderfulness going on that day.

On our actual anniversary day, we did yard work. It was warm. It was humid. It was holy hotness with a side of sweltering. But, it was fun.

Then, the heat wave stuck around. And, the Queen of England came to town. And, Toronto had a power outage. Not the best showing for the Queen’s appearance, but she seemed to have a good time. Even if she did re-wear a gown to dinner one evening. Thankfully, I had CBC News to keep me up-to-the-second-updated with all the goings-on. “We have no power in our newsroom. You can see that we do not have power because lights are out in the studio. We are on back-up generator power. Let’s go to John in the street who will tell us what it’s like where he is. John, are you there? Are you without power? Tell us what you’re seeing. Are you seeing pedestrians throw themselves into the street to help direct traffic? Tell us what that’s like.”

Thank you, CBC News!

Then, we got a new web cam. And, on an unrelated note, Natalie came to town, and we went to dinner in Toronto. Hi, Natalie! Thanks for meeting me for dinner and introducing me to some of your co-workers! And, for reminding me of why I miss having a job.

And, now, almost a week of July is gone. And, it’s still holy hotness with a side of sweltering. But, I truly love summer, and the heat is just part of the fun.

I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun. Even if you are sweating.

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