Zipping across the border

You don't scare me, long lines! I've got a Nexus card!

A few years ago, I began dating someone who lived in Canada. As my trips north piled up, so did my intolerance toward waiting, waiting and waiting at the US/Canada border each and every time I travelled.

So, I applied for a Nexus card. The Nexus program is designed to expedite the border-clearance process for low-risk, pre-approved travellers into Canada and the United States. In theory, the card would allow me to use the Nexus-cardholders-only lane, which would allow me to cross the border more speedily.

I liked the sound of that.

After filling out a mile of paperwork (online, so it seemed only slightly shorter) and signing over the rights to my firstborn child, I was pre-approved. I met with a border agent to discuss the rules of the program, watch a video, provide my fingerprints and have my photo taken. Four-to-six weeks later, I received my card in the mail. And, while I’ll miss my firstborn dearly, the sacrifice is worth it, because I can now hop across the border in a jiffy. No more waiting in line with the common folk.

No more waiting, that is, until Husband travelled with me. Because you can only use the Nexus-cardholders-only line if all travellers in your vehicle are members of the program.


After our last trip stateside and waiting to cross the border with every other person in Windsor and Detroit, I said, “That’s it! You’re getting a Nexus card.” So, I filled out and submitted all of his paperwork. About a week and a half later, he was pre-approved, meaning he, too, got to meet with a border agent, provide his fingerprints and have his photo taken. He didn’t get to watch a video though. Lucky guy.

Yesterday, his card arrived in the mail. Hooray!

Now we can cross the border together using the Nexus-cardholders-only lane. And, we can wave at all the common folk as we drive by them. No doubt our future crossings will be magical. And, if not magical, then fast. Because that’s the whole point.

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