Two observations on a Friday

Flip-flops at the beach? Makes sense. Flip-flops at the gym? What?

Sometimes I think I should start a regular Friday post of Friday Observations. But then I think about the other days of the week and how they might feel left out because, well, I make lots of observations during their hours as well.

Observation 1: If you are a gym trainer, and you train your clients while wearing flip-flops, do not expect to be taken seriously.

Forget the whole safety issue for a second. You’re wearing flip-flops in an environment where it is your responsibility to motivate individuals to be active by completing workouts. They’re not showing up in flip-flops, because they are at the gym to exercise. Plus, it is against the gym’s rules. You should not be wearing flip-flops either. Because they’re unprofessional. And, they insinuate that you do nothing more than stand around when, perhaps, you should be assisting or showing or something. So, save them for the shower. And, really, what a safety concern! Let’s hope you aren’t showing your clients any moves that require free weights.

Observation 2: Double doors that have a locked right-side door are extremely inconvenient to open for right-handed individuals.

Is it difficult to unlock both doors? Is everyone at the office left-handed? Is the individual who unlocks the door left-handed? Does it save that much time in his/her morning to unlock only one door? Is that the way the doors are manufactured? Baffling.

Although, I’m sure left-handers are pleased.

This concludes two observations on a Friday. Enjoy your weekend!

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2 thoughts on “Two observations on a Friday

  1. Gwen Styles says:

    1. I thought at first that you were just referring to people who wear flip flops in the changeroom, but in the actual gym? And they’re the TRAINERS? Ridic.

    2. It is one of the very, very, VERY few advantages we southpaws have over you right-handed people:) Imagine trying to function in a world with left-handed can openers, scissors, stick shifts in cars, elevator buttons, video game control buttons, computer mouses (mice?), coffee mugs*, shirt buttons, bread knives, place settings, coil notebooks, golf clubs, guitars, potato peelers…

    Now, I find double doors with one door locked irritating too but for a different reason… I always try to barrel through the wrong door, often smashing my face into the glass and making my nose bleed! You’d think I’d learn my lesson 🙂

    Found you through the WordPress tag surfer, btw.

    * I know you can hold it any way, but if I hold a mug in my left hand the image on it is facing in, not out.

    • jilladuling says:

      Oh, I’ve pulled the “let’s smash my face into the door because the door didn’t open” move, too! I’d probably struggle in the lefty world. Except when it comes to washing dishes. I wash with my left hand. Why? I don’t know.

      Thanks for reading!

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