Canadians are friendly, don’tchya know?

What's better than casual conversation with your coffee? Oh, I can think of a few things.

I meet a lot of interesting people at Starbucks. Three days ago, I was ordering a frozen fix (decaf grande Mocha Light Frappuccino) when the woman behind me spoke up.

“You certainly do not need a ‘light.’ You don’t need a ‘light’ anything.”

I smiled. And thought, “How presumptuous.” The barista repeated my order back to me and swiped my card, as the woman chimed in again.

“Really. You don’t need a ‘light.’ You’re so thin. My niece is really tall. Her parents are AT LEAST 6-feet tall. She’s going to be that tall, too. Tall like you.” I smiled and spent two-tenths of a second wondering if I should keep smiling or respond. I went with the latter.

“Well, there’s a reason I order “light,” I said.

“Oh, but you don’t need it at all,” she replied. To which I thought, “Oh, I like you!” I thanked her and walked away. Only to have her walk up next to me and wait for her drink, too. OK, I will be friendly and make conversation.

“So,” I said. “Does your niece play any sports?”

“Oh, she’s only 2,” the woman said. “But, I’m sure she’s going to be tall and play sports.” Well, it’s always good to be hopeful.

She began asking me about my life, how long I’d lived in the area, what I did for work, etc. When I told her that I was looking for a job in the communications field, she lit up.

“Oh!” she exclaimed. “You’d be perfect! You’re gorgeous and have such a great personality.” I immediately thought about how amazing it is to be able to deduce such things in 10 seconds time. She then began listing contacts for me.

“Well, Rogers Media is huge,” she said. “You could definitely find something there. Oh, I know. Do you know Ron MacLean? You know, Hockey Night in Canada?”

“I know of him,” I said.

“Oh, you should totally give him a call,” she said. “I bet he could hook you up.”

“You think I should pick up the phone and call Ron MacLean and ask him for a job?” I asked (somewhat incredulously). OK. Very incredulously.

“Why not?” she asked. “He probably knows a lot of people. And he lives in the area, doesn’t he? Definitely worth a shot.” OK, then. And with that, my order was ready. Thank goodness. I thanked the woman for her generous compliments and contact suggestions.

Thanked her and ran out the door.

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2 thoughts on “Canadians are friendly, don’tchya know?

  1. Pannabecker Steiner Mary says:

    Presumptuous is being nice. Overbearing is more like it. This reminds me of my latest beef with people who keep telling me I’m too skinny. Yes, I know this. And I’m trying to fix it. But I’m getting to the point where the next person who says it will get my response of “Gee, you’re too fat. You should lose weight.” What makes people think they have permission to make such comments?

    • jilladuling says:

      Ah, Mary! These days (and many other days prior), people think less before opening their mouths. If I had a dollar for every time someone told me, “WOW, you are tall!,” I could share with you, and we could both retire. Like I can really do anything about my height.

      Perhaps you should kindly reply with that retort. If for no other reason than to see the response. I’d surely be entertained to hear about it. 🙂

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