Happy birthday, All Thought Out!

Happy 2nd birthday, blog! It's been a great ride!

Today, you, my blog, turn 2.

Two years ago, plus some change, you were but a gleam near my eyeball.

I was tinkering with the notion of starting a blog and found myself sorting through a number of questions. Should I blog? Why should I blog? What would I write about? Could I maintain a blog on a regular basis? Did I have enough interesting things to say? Would potential readers find those things interesting? Would I be heartbroken if no one other than my mother ever read you?

Oh, the uncertainty.

Out of that uncertainty, you, a blog of much randomness, were born and appropriately christened All Thought Out. I wrote a post about National Punctuation Day, a fitting topic for a writer methinks.

OK, maybe it was a little lame, but I was new; you were new. Back off!

From there, you took off. Not “off” as in you scored a million devoted readers right out of the chute, but “off” as in I posted to you on a regular basis and regularly received feedback from my mother.

(Thanks, Mom.)

In your first two years, I wrote about something or other 245 times. You may not think that a whole lot, but I didn’t want to overwhelm you so quickly after birth. I posted my thoughts about events in the news, about my life, about other peoples’ lives and more. Sometimes I wrote and published 4 posts in a day. Sometimes I let 4 days go by without a word. Never, I can happily say, did 4 weeks go by with nothing.

Remember that one time in May 2010 when I took on a writing challenge and wrote for 31 days straight, posting 21 times? Yeah, I remember that, too.

In the past two years, I’ve switched blogging platforms and became better at providing accompanying images and relatively interesting headlines and captions. I’ve thought long and hard about the sorts of things I’m willing to share with an unending audience and the sorts of things I’m happy keeping to myself. At such a young age, you and your contents are forever. A daunting responsibility. One of which I daily remind myself.

(No, Husband, I am NOT writing about you today.)

You have become a way for me to keep in touch with those who are no longer physically near me. A way for me to share about my daily happenings. You’ve been with me through some of my dating life, my engagement and marriage, my move to Canada, my “I’ve-Turned-Into-Martha-Stewart” stage, the end of one job and the beginning of another.

In sum, you’ve been great. And, the possibilities for you going forward are endless. And, THAT is pretty great. May our next year together (and those beyond) be equally fabulous.

Happy birthday!


PS. It’s once again National Punctuation Day.
PPS. You share a birthday with Husband. Happy birthday, Husband! (Oops, yes I did write about you.)

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3 thoughts on “Happy birthday, All Thought Out!

  1. Mom says:

    Would you be heartbroken if no one other than your mother read your blog? Hmmmmmm. To the 2nd reference: you are welcome!

    • jilladuling says:

      Oh, Mom. But I WASN’T heartbroken. I’m very happy to have a very loyal reader like you. 🙂

  2. Mom says:

    Thank you. I will try to live up to you expectations!!

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