Scan me already

Full-body scans bring new meaning to one's loss of privacy.

The United States government has now seen every last part of me. I know this to be true because I was subjected to a full-body scan when passing through security at JFK International Airport on my way to Prague.

Full-body scan. Top to bottom. Left to right. Inside out.

No one was more annoyed by this latest security measure than Husband. He was full-body scanned at Buffalo International on the first leg of our journey and was certain he was being unjustly profiled. Because he was male. And because only males appeared to be directed toward the full-body scanner.

No, honey. They’re just picking people all willy-nilly like and scanning their bits and pieces. Plus, I got to participate when we re-started our trip the next day, proving officials weren’t necessarily profiling anyone. Annoying? Yes. Inconvenient? Yes. Fine, if it means there’s less chance of someone carrying on potentially threatening items? Yes.

In retrospect, I’d say those full-body scans were the least of our concerns that day. Cancelled flight and missed connection causing the loss of a full travel day, anyone?


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