Can we just catch a flight, please?

Oh, Prague. You were so close. And then so far away that we had to return to the airport the next day.

In all of our pre-vacation excitement, Husband and I didn’t plan for Scenario B.

Scenario A: We leave home. We drive to the airport. We fly to the Czech Republic. We vacation.

Scenario B: We leave home. Airport delays our flight until we miss our connection to Prague. We are unable to find another same-day flight. We walk dejectedly to baggage claim to find our bags. We drive home.

Boo, Scenario B. Boo!

It turns out New York City was experiencing tornado-like weather the day we were to fly out. We boarded our 1:40 p.m. flight out of Buffalo International sometime around 3 p.m. Then, we exited the plane because of a further delay. Then, we sat in the terminal some more. And then, it became quite clear that we were not leaving Buffalo by plane that day.

While standing in line to speak with the lone ticketing agent servicing at least 50 people, the agent announced that we would have more success rebooking our flights if we called Delta directly and spoke to a representative. With two couples plus one solo traveller in front of us, we thought we’d take our chances with the present agent. Thirty minutes later and no signs of movement, we began to doubt our decision.

The newlyweds behind us, who called Delta from a cell phone while in line, were hoping for a same-day flight out of Pearson International in Toronto. They were calling everyone they knew to find a ride. Knowing we weren’t likely to go anywhere other than home that night, or maybe even TO, too, if there was a flight there, I offered them a ride. They were relieved.

By now, Husband was speaking with the ticketing agent. But, she couldn’t find a flight for us. At least not one with guaranteed seats. Not out of Buffalo, Detroit or Toronto. However, she said a Delta representative could do a better job than she of finding us a seat. Apparently, there are seats available on flights that she cannot see.

That makes a ton of sense, Delta.

So, Husband made his way to a payphone. After two disconnections, he returned with “Looks like we’re coming back here tomorrow.” Awesome. By now, the newlyweds had to get going or else they’d miss their flight out of Toronto. We practically jogged to the baggage claim.

Our bags had supposedly been pulled off planeside (after we gave descriptions and sticker numbers) and deposited at Carousel 3. Husband dashed off to pull the car from long-term parking, and after about 20 minutes, the newlyweds’ bags showed up. After 10 more and no more bags, I encouraged the couple to rent a vehicle and drive to TO. Because who knew how long I’d be standing there. And, good thing, because, it was another 40 minutes and quite a few laps with the car before our luggage showed up.

All in all, there’s 10 hours of our lives and one full day abroad that we’ll never get back. Thankfully, we had more success the next day.

Darn pesky NYC tornadoes!

Abby and Dave from Rochester, wherever you are, I hope you made it to Toronto in time to catch your flight. And that you had a fabulous honeymoon cruising about the Mediterranean. Because, we certainly had a fabulous time in Europe.

Once we finally got there.

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