Laughter, tears and horses

If you’re in the mood for something feel-good, go see Disney’s Secretariat.

I laughed. I cried. It was better than Cats.

No, really, I cried. Multiple times. Ugh! If it wasn’t the heart-wrenching, “how do I balance family and career as a woman” dilemma, it was the “bewildered-parent/rebelling-child dynamic” and the “whatever our differences, I’m so proud of you” moment.

Oh, and there are horses! And John Malkovich. Sure, he makes a lousy French-Canadian, but it’s John Malkovich! And Diane Lane. Sweet Diane Lane.

Also, it’s family-friendly. Very family-friendly.

Go see it.

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One thought on “Laughter, tears and horses

  1. Mom says:

    Although, daughter, we are two different generations, I concur. It was a great movie. Your father stayed awake; did you hear that, Disney? I will probably watch it again as I do all great films. And this one is not even a chick flick.

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