And there goes 2010

I can distinctly remember standing in my brother’s bedroom and declaring that I had eight years left until I graduated from high school. Eight years.

Eight years is forever when you’re in the fourth grade.

I was the kid who HATED school, so, yes, I started counting down to graduation at an early age. Seven years left. Six years left. Five years left. You get the idea. I’m not sure why I was counting down because, in retrospect, high school graduation was but a blip on my timeline.

But, I didn’t know that until I lived a bit more of my future and realized time really hadn’t been standing still. It was moving. And, now that I’m an adult, can it please just slow down a little bit?

Wasn’t it just 2009? What happened to 2010? Why, I’ll tell you.

It’s been a pretty full year. I can hardly wait to see what 2011 brings.

Happy New Year, everyone!


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