2 hours of my life, gone

If only three 20-minute periods actually took up 60 minutes of my life.

I think I’ve mentioned a time or two that I’m not a fan of watching hockey games. Maybe it’s the skating in circles or the tacky brawls, but something about it leaves me … bored.

Someone who is not bored? Husband.

Currently, he’s on the couch watching the semifinals (Canada vs. USA) of the 2011 IIHF World Junior Championships, just itching to yell SCORES! at the opportune moment. And, every four seconds, supplementing the commentary.

Look at all the red (referring to fan apparel)! And the game is even in Buffalo!

Wow, this is good hockey!

Sweetie, did you want to tweet the score so that everyone knows?

Oh, these kids are so young looking!

This is just crazy-intense!


Alas, only 46 minutes plus two intermissions plus penalties plus who knows what else to go.

I’m so not Canadian. Which is unfortunate because the USA is not putting on a good show at the moment.

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