One question


Because it’s kinda like I always say: If it ain’t broke; BREAK IT!

Oh, Starbucks. Has GAP’s marketing department taught you nothing?

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4 thoughts on “One question

  1. Mrs Joggin Unit says:

    They should have dropped the fish queen and kept their name.

    Everyone thinks that can be like Nike.

  2. Randy says:

    I like it. The end.

  3. Margaret says:

    IMO – it is becuase they wanted to drop the “coffee” part to be able to diversify their food and drink selection even more and become more “deli” like b/c they are struggling to compete with all the other more cost effective coffee options out there today. Others like McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts etc. have up’d their coffee game cutting into the Starbuck monopoly! Bottom line: to rebrand and capture a different area of sales.

    • jilladuling says:

      Ah yes, you are probably right on, Margaret. Although, if a cup of coffee is $2, I can only imagine how expensive their deli items will be!

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