I was born in May and I like food

I'm hard-pressed to think that I wouldn't like food regardless of the season in which I was born.

So, I spotted a story on Yahoo! News that struck my fancy: “Season of Birth May Affect the Rest of Your Life.”

Supposedly, the season in which you’re born “can affect everything from your eyesight to your eating habits and overall health later in life,” says some research.

Spring babies, for instance, are more likely to suffer from anorexia nervosa as adults (per Wellcome Trust Center for Human Genetics).

I must be one of the 92 out of every 100 people born between March and June who have NO interest in anorexia nervosa. I like me some food. It’s true.

I’d tell you about the rest of the findings in the article, but, after reading that statistic, I had to get up and find a snack.

You can read the full story here.


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