Some art for the nursery walls

For about four months now I’ve known exactly what I want to put on the walls of the baby’s quasi-room.

“Baby?” you ask. “What baby?!” Oh, you know. There’s a baby in the works.

Anyway, I say “quasi” because, while the baby will be stored in the room, it won’t really be his/her room because it’s already the office (sorry, kiddo). I’ve just had a wee issue finding what I want. In a price range I’m willing to pay.

Enter Etsy. Oh, Etsy, how I love thee. You’re so cool.

I came across happydeliveries and Lori’s collection of fabulous letterpress prints. She hooked me up with the exact look and phrase I was going for. For a steal.

I’m so pleased. Thanks, Lori!

Of course, I was also initially attracted to this “muscular” piece:

Maybe another time.

So, along with my newly scored art, the total small-child items currently owned includes a stroller, infant car seat, 12 washcloths, three bibs, 10 onesies, a pair of overalls, a bottle and two newborn-sized diapers.

We’re almost all set, right?

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2 thoughts on “Some art for the nursery walls

  1. Congrats you guys! I’m so very happy for you both!

  2. Margaret says:

    Yes – I would say that you are all set. Although I would advise you get a few more diapers. Otherwise they don’t really need much!!

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