Nice people DO exist

Of course, they do. But some days it feels like those nice people are few and far in between.

On Tuesday, I took my parents to the Canadian National Exhibition.* We strolled up, down and around the midway, taking in the sights and sounds of the “local fair.”

After five hours, my kneecaps were practically walked off, so we returned to the GO train station to catch a ride home. Once home, I started work on dinner, and Mom and Dad went for a coffee run.

It was while they were out that Mom realized she was missing her cell phone. Not entirely uncommon as the dear woman is notorious for leaving purses all over the place. She remembered having it on the train, but couldn’t remember having it beyond that.

Oh, boy.

I called GO Transit to report a missing phone and was told it could take up to 48 hours for items to make their way to the Lost & Found in Toronto. We prayed someone would find it and turn it in. In the meantime, I suspended Mom’s cell service, declaring her phone might be lost.

My parents left Wednesday morning with no word of a phone sighting. Around 5 p.m., I received a text message from my Aunt Angie asking me to have Mom call her ASAP. I had her phone Dad. I then received a call from Mom on Dad’s cell.

Apparently, Aunt Angie had received a text from a strange number asking if she had lost a cell phone. She replied that she hadn’t, but her sister had. Mom gave me the number, and I called.

The gentleman on the other end had found the phone one stop beyond ours, but it was dead. Concerned that someone needed it, he took it to a phone store and had it charged. He then sent a text to the first number on the list: Aunt Angie.

Thank you, Mr. Wonderfully Nice Man, for picking up the phone, charging it and tracking down its owner. And, thank you, Lord, for answered prayer. We are grateful!

Especially, Mom (who left her purse at her son’s house on Wednesday afternoon and only had to backtrack 20 miles to retrieve it).

*If you are a farmer, do not go to The Farm. You will be disappointed.

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One thought on “Nice people DO exist

  1. Wow, so nice of him to do!

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