Who’s Doing the Thinking?

I think a lot. I laugh a lot. I bite my tongue a lot.IMG_1331

Those could all be unrelated.

In the past, I have written some and thought a lot about writing more. Now I have this blog. And a Twitter account (that I don’t update). And a Facebook page (that isn’t public). Oh, and I have bachelor’s and master’s degrees in journalism. Not that I’m using them.

I write about a lot of things. Daily life. My faith. Being married. Having a kid. Food. Working out to balance all of the said food. Clothes. Décor. Other random stuff.

Also, I’m an American residing in Canada. Sometimes I write about that.

This site is more of what I think about a lot of random things with less tongue-biting and more laughing.

I welcome your thoughts.

jill (dot) a (dot) duling (at) gmail (dot) com


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