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The hardest thing

I’ve determined what the hardest thing about being a parent of young children is.

Diapers? No. Wiping noses? No. Wiping bums? No. Wiping sticky residue from faces and floors? No. Settling skirmishes? No. Settling the same skirmishes over and over and over again? No. Instilling manners? No. Molding hearts? Teaching and showing the love of Jesus every day, all day? No.

Wait for it.

The hardest thing about being a parent is watching children “craft” by gluing layer upon layer upon layer of paper scraps, tissue paper, cloth scraps, yarn and gems WHILE RESISTING URGES to straighten everything out AND sweep everything into the trash.

Hardest. Parenting. Non-move. Ever.



Flash cards

You know how important it is to educate small children these days. I stumbled across these adorable flashcards from Wee Gallery.

Too cute and will probably look fabulous in frames (infants can’t really hold flashcards straight out of the womb, you know).

Not quite the flashcards of yesteryear, are they?

Perhaps Baby’s first words will be “ring-tailed lemur.”


PS. Uncle Justin, the baby really will know colour. One day.

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Some art for the nursery walls

For about four months now I’ve known exactly what I want to put on the walls of the baby’s quasi-room.

“Baby?” you ask. “What baby?!” Oh, you know. There’s a baby in the works.

Anyway, I say “quasi” because, while the baby will be stored in the room, it won’t really be his/her room because it’s already the office (sorry, kiddo). I’ve just had a wee issue finding what I want. In a price range I’m willing to pay.

Enter Etsy. Oh, Etsy, how I love thee. You’re so cool.

I came across happydeliveries and Lori’s collection of fabulous letterpress prints. She hooked me up with the exact look and phrase I was going for. For a steal.

I’m so pleased. Thanks, Lori!

Of course, I was also initially attracted to this “muscular” piece:

Maybe another time.

So, along with my newly scored art, the total small-child items currently owned includes a stroller, infant car seat, 12 washcloths, three bibs, 10 onesies, a pair of overalls, a bottle and two newborn-sized diapers.

We’re almost all set, right?

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